Meet Melisa


Who Is This Person?

Hi! I’m Melisa. I’m a genealogist, food and history lover, feline friend, wife, and general good-time gal. I live in Chicago, the city that I love.

What Is This Blog?

The Hungry Genealogist is my space on the web to collect the things that are most important to me, which can include anything from stories of my genealogical adventures, recipes (new and old), and history of all types, and probably some cat photos. Probably more than some.

Why Genealogy?

When I was about 12 years old, I inherited my grandmother’s little green notebook where she kept all of our family history research. Back then, she would go to our library and spend hours digging through old books and flipping through microfilm. I was hooked, and when she passed away, I picked up where she left off. I’ve been looking into my own family history ever since. I’ve also demanded that my friends let me look up their history and, over time, I’ve become almost as interested in finding others’ genealogy as I am my own. Now I research family history professionally. I started this blog as a way to show people how much fun it can be to explore the stories of the folks who came before us.

Why Hungry?

I’m a genealogist by trade, but I love food and history almost equally. I find food history fascinating and I think that food is undeniably intertwined with our own history and can tell an important story. Sometimes my posts will focus on my own family recipes, sometimes I will make recipes in honor of a historical figure that I’m jazzed about, and sometimes I’ll interview cool ladies doing cool things, who will in turn share a family recipe with me. You get where I’m going here?

How Do I Contact You?

If you’d like to learn more about what I do, or hire me to look into your family history, you can visit my company’s website at Honeybee Genealogy.

You can also contact me any time with comments or questions about genealogy, or food, or…whether you look good in that dress (you do!), at honeybeegenealogy(at)gmail(dot)com. Also, let me know if you have a fantastic family recipe you want to share. I’m always looking for opportunities to team up with cool people.

I hope you enjoy your read!


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