Meet Melisa


Hi! I’m Melisa! Welcome to my blog. If you’re curious about my blog’s name, it comes from the simple fact that, by day, I’m a genealogist. I have a company called Honeybee Genealogy, where folks can hire me to do all sorts of historical research: building, food, sports(?!), but I specialize in family history research. The hungry part comes from the fact that 1) I am usually hungry. I love food. Everything about it. 2) My love of food and historical research led me to combine the two into this blog/passion project that explores the wonderful, awful, and sometimes strange, history of food, ingredients, and people. Food and family are related, you know? I’m also VERY interested in women’s history and stories. Occasionally, I do collaboration posts with awesome women, where they share a family recipe with me. If I’m being honest, those are my favorite posts.

About me personally: I live in Chicago. I have a very cool husband. I love weird history, until someone calls it “weird” and then I’m turned off immediately. I got interested in genealogy because, when I was 12, I adopted my grandmother’s notebook full of our family history after she died because no one else showed much interest. Also, I was really into researching Europe’s royal family trees as a child because I played alone a lot (still do) and was generally a weird kid. Please don’t say I was “weird,” though.

If you are interested in chatting, you can contact me with comments or questions about genealogy or food, or whether you look good in that dress (you do!), at honeybeegenealogy(at)gmail(dot)com. Also, are you a woman doing cool things and have a delicious family recipe to share? Hit me up. I’m always looking for opportunities to team up with cool people.

I hope you enjoy your read!


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